12 Sacred Rights

12 Sacred Rights     The Twelve Basic Human Rights   These basic human rights are yours as a Divine Spark of God. They are yours regardless of whatever culture, religion, government, or other social group that you have incarnated into. If those groups cannot support your basic human rights, then they should be resisted.… Read More 12 Sacred Rights

Les rayons de couleur lumineux et leurs Cristaux

Le rayon Rouge Le grenat, le rubis, le jaspe rouge, le corail sont des alliés aux vertus puissantes. Excellents stimulant, ils améliorent la circulation sanguine, la qualité du sang. Ils combattent l’anémie, facilitent la digestion et fortifient le cœur. Les agates de cette teinte, dont les douces lignes marbrées nous invitent à manifester et concrétiser… Read More Les rayons de couleur lumineux et leurs Cristaux


The last time I talked about four keys that allow you to change your life and your way of living, the beginning of the self love process. These four keys are also related to your core essence and have an immediate impact on your most vulnerable aspects of your emotional and mental mind. Now don’t… Read More LIFE 3


we are going to continue our journey on the way to self love and living the life we choose. Before we begin, let me just say that although all of what is being said may not be new to you and its probably something that you have heard before but the reality of the matter… Read More LIFE 2


Life Did you have time to reflect on your life and what you are living, are there changes that you want to make but don’t know just quite how, well then follow me on the journey of creating a new way of living and a new life. The process is of course quite simple because… Read More LIFE