12 Sacred Rights

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12 Sacred Rights



The Twelve Basic Human Rights


These basic human rights are yours as a Divine Spark of God. They are yours regardless of whatever culture, religion, government, or other social group that you have incarnated into. If those groups cannot support your basic human rights, then they should be resisted.


Resistance means not participating in your own abuse by submitting to the tyranny. The most fundamental right of all is that no one has the right to do you harm. This is a right you must cherish and defend. Your freedom begins because you are Soul and God loves you. Your freedom ends when you harm another because in doing so you agree karmically to “reap” what you have “sown”.




Your body is the temple of your spirit and as such is holy ground. Given that your body is holy, no one has the right to violate it. Violations include harming it in any way. Active harm includes such “crimes against the body” as beatings, stabbings, strangulation, poisoning, violent interrogation, and other acts carrying criminal penalties. It also includes “invasive procedures” and/or “cutting edge cures” which claim to cure the body by harming it (different from the temporary inconvenience, permanent gain involved in healing). Passive harm includes acts resulting in depriving a body of sleep, food, drink, love, air, protection from nature, etc. You should completely resist anyone who harms your body actively or passively.




Your mind is the guardian of your spirit and as such is holy ground. Given that your mind is holy, no one has the right to violate it. Violations include harming it in any way. Active harm includes feeding it mind altering drugs, forcibly reprogramming it, exposing it to unwanted subliminals, using domination type interrogation techniques, and other acts carrying criminal penalties. Passive harm includes subtle manipulation used to detach someone from core beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes, constantly subjecting them to barrages of negative statements, convincing them that they are worthless or anything less than a Divine Spark of God. You should completely resist anyone who harms your mind actively or passively.







Your emotions are sent from your Higher Self to propel you along your life’s path and as such are sacred. Emotions should always be honored but not always acted upon. Emotions act like pain in your body and suspicion in your mind as a signal for you to take action that is in your own best interests. When another suggests, asks, insists, or forces you to act against your emotions, they are invading your sacred space. You have an inalienable right to your emotions and to feel the way that you do. Often if you just listen to your heart and what it feels, you will be led to the right path.




Your spirit is the most sacred and holy part of you. Bodies can be killed. Minds can be shattered. Emotions can lead to the path of tangled karma. Yet in your Soul, you are always free, always safe, always loved. It is your Divine Core Essence: it is eternal and indestructible. As you unfold into greater awareness of your Soul, you will explore many paths of religion, philosophy, and spirituality. Each of these paths will enrich your total life experience and so you should be left to explore them in peace at your own pace. You should not allow anyone to convince or convert you to their way of thinking, believing, and being. What you think, believe, and have chosen is perfect for you right now… honor that and keep your Soul sacred.




Once you are born into this Earth plane, you have a right to be here for as long as your body-mind can sustain your life. This is true provided that you do not deprive another of their rights while you are here. An integral part of the dynamic of abuse and torture is a belief on the part of a torturer that you do not have the your God given right to the life. This belief comes from the mistaken idea that the tortured are somehow inferior to the torturer. And so because the tortured are “children of a lesser God” they do not deserve to enjoy the same right to life as their “superiors”.


The truth is that God is the only one who gives life… and those He gives it to have a Divine Right to preserve it at all costs.




Those who live in “unfree” areas of the world can attest that freedom is an essential component of happiness. In “free” societies, an individual’s liberty is only restricted by their inability to interfere with the rights of others. In “unfree” societies, the individual spends a majority of their time laboring against restrictions that are imposed by the society, religion, or culture they have incarnated into.


The freedom to live your life as you chose is one of the most precious gifts you can receive: cherish and defend it no matter what.




What lies at the end of the trail of karma is happiness. For karma leads one to their true freedom of living in a continual state of joy, love, and awareness (the primary attributes of God). Historically speaking, the “pursuit of happiness” is a new goal. For most of human history, existence on Earth has been a grim and desperate struggle for survival… and in many areas on Earth, this – unfortunately – is still true.


There is as much challenge in joy as in sorrow. Allow your life to flow in bliss and abundance by letting go of those interfering with your joy!




All Souls are created equally and are equally loved by God. It is a truly loving God who creates a universe vast enough to give everyone infinite chances to spin through cycles of karma and reincarnation experiencing life from every viewpoint until they become love, joy, and awareness.


It is only the torturer who sees inequality. For it is their belief in inequality which allows them to view others of God’s creation as undeserving of the same rights they enjoy. Anyone who tells you that you are “not equal” to another of God’s creatures should be resisted.




Our journey through the cycles of reincarnation is propelled by our need to take responsibility for our actions (personal karma) and our duty to all life (group karma). Since we are individual sparks of God, we each must learn in our own way. Yet since we are all part of the “one song” of the universe, we learn from our connection to others. We are like stalactites in a cave. We are all joined together at the roof of the cave  but we hang down from the roof all in unique formations like the stalactites.


When forces outside ourselves (government, society, culture) tries to deny this connection, they do so because their purpose is to gain complete control over us.. Let no one steal your Soul for only in your Soul are you free.



Saint and sinner are value judgments placed on the “worthiness” of an individual life by humans and their institutions. As such, these value judgments have no bearing on the unfoldment of these individuals’ karma. Saints have no more a free ticket to eternal bliss than sinners do to endless damnation.


After your death the Gods (Lords of Karma) will say: “you played your part well or badly”. Then all they will say is “do better next time”. For they know that God does not create junk… only masterpieces. You are worthy because God made you so, if you do not feel worthy, it is because others have made you feel that way. Anyone who tries to convince you that you are “not worthy” in yourself or of anything you desire should be resisted.




It is a maxim of psychology that every belief that you have comes from somewhere in your experience. And, at one time, every thought, belief, attitude, and behavior you have made perfect sense to you… even if they do not make perfect sense to you now.


No matter what trouble those beliefs are causing in your life now, you are clinging to them unconsciously because they have somehow served you in the past. Only you can decide what beliefs do not serve you.




The Earth is a big schoolhouse where we come to learn and grow in love, joy, and awareness. When our learning does not go the way we expect, we count it as a mistake. Yet, “making mistakes” is value judgment that we place on the process of unfolding into Soul awareness. As we “correct mistakes”, we learn ways of thinking, doing, and being that are more in harmony with how the universe works.


Experience becomes our greatest, truest, and best teacher about the laws of life. For experience “shows” us how things work in ways that books cannot tell us, that others cannot explain to us, and that we cannot “figure out” in the silence of our minds. That is what God does for all of us: allowing another to have their own experience is the greatest gift of all.



Les rayons de couleur lumineux et leurs Cristaux

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Le rayon Rouge

Le grenat, le rubis, le jaspe rouge, le corail sont des alliés aux vertus puissantes. Excellents stimulant, ils améliorent la circulation sanguine, la qualité du sang. Ils combattent l’anémie, facilitent la digestion et fortifient le cœur. Les agates de cette teinte, dont les douces lignes marbrées nous invitent à manifester et concrétiser la richesse de notre incarnation sur cette terre, soutiennent notre « je suis ». Toutes les pierres rouges augmentent le niveau d’énergie vitale et nous ouvrent à l’amour et au dévouement.

Affirmation : Avec le rouge, j’avance dans la vie avec courage, force et confiance.

Le Rayon Orange

La cornaline, la pierre de soleil, l’opale de feu, le zircon, la calcite orange nous invitent à couler le flux et le reflux de la circulation vitale du sang, de nos liquides, de nos émotions et du partage de notre monde intérieur avec le monde extérieur. Leur couleur généreuse soutient tout processus d’ouverture et d’échange chaleureux. Leur vibration colorée vivifiante, douce et puissante à la fois, nous emplit de bien-être et de force intérieure et combat l’épuisement, la tension nerveuse, les crampes menstruelles et les problèmes respiratoires. Ces cristaux rechargent notre corps éthérique, relâchent les tentions du bas-ventre et nous soulagent des crispations émotionnelles.

Affirmation : Avec l’orange, j’affirme mon optimisme et ma foi prend de l’expansion

Le rayon Jaune

Les pierres précieuses du rayon jaune facilitent le passage des énergies du bas vers le haut. Le règne minéral regorge de gemme au jaune solaire brillant et étincelant, jaune or ou miel, clair ou foncé. La calcite miel, la citrine nature ou brûlée, l’œil de tigre, le quartz rutile, le quartz fumé, l’ambre et la pyrite nous permettent d’équilibrer les organes de la digestion, d’assimiler les aliments nécessaires à notre corps physique. Sur le plan émotionnel et psychospirituel, ces minéraux jouent le rôle d’un pont de lumière et nous suggèrent de manifester notre être solaire. Ils nous poussent à nous affirmer, à gérer notre pouvoir dans la sagesse. Nous voici confrontés à notre « Je suis » du premier chakra rouge et notre « je sens » du deuxième chakra orange, ainsi qu’avec le « je veux » de ce troisième chakra jaune. Ne dit-on pas que le jaune est la couleur de l’intelligence supérieure, de la sagesse ? Les pierres du rayon jaune nous connectent à l’âme du mental supérieur.

Affirmation : Avec, la joie, la confiance et la clarté mentale éclaire mes actions

Le rayon Vert

Nous voici au cœur de l’être, car le quatrième chakra, siège de nos sentiments. Il est l’espace qui digère et intègre le vécu, pour s’ouvrir inconditionnellement et se développer spirituellement.

L’émeraude, la tourmaline verte, le péridot, la chrysocolle, le jade, l’amazonite, l’aventurine, l’amazonite, l’agate mousse, l’héliotrope, la malachite et tant d’autres encore nous encouragent à trouver la joie, l’amour et l’accomplissement dans nos actions. Ces cristaux au vert tendre, claire ou foncé, nous parlent de renaissance, d’espoir et portent le message du printemps de la Création. L’étincelant rayon vert des pierres précieuses est particulièrement favorable aux problèmes vasculaires et cardiaques ainsi qu’à un système nerveux défaillant. Il est également propice au

système immunitaire et au thymus. Les gemmes vertes nous incitent à la souplesse du cœur, au lâcher prise ; elles nous ouvrent à la beauté et à la richesse de la nature et nous invitent à développer notre créativité pour la faire rayonner ensuite dans notre entourage, que ce soit à la maison, dans notre jardin, ailleurs ou dans le monde.

Affirmation : Avec le vert, je vis dans l’harmonie et l’équilibre émotionnel

Le rayon Rose

Le quartz rose, la rhodonite, la rhodochrosite, la tourmaline rose, la calcite rose, la kunzite et l’agate de Botswana sont les messagères de l’amour, de la tendresse et de l’amitié. Elles possèdent en outre un pouvoir curatif tout en douceur car elles permettent aux blocages physiques et psychiques de se fondre dans la détente et l’acceptation. Les cristaux de ce rayon facilitent le processus de l’intégration et jouent le rôle de lunettes filtrantes roses, permettant de gérer, sans se leurrer toutefois, les turbulences relationnelles et les rajuster dans une meilleure compréhension.

Affirmation : Avec le rose, je jouis d’être ce que je suis et m’ouvre à l’existence.

Le rayon Bleu

Les pierres bleues et blanc laiteux, aigue-marine, calcédoine, perle, pierre de lune, opale, fluorine, calcite bleu, nous connectent au chakra de la gorge, celui de la communication, de la vérité et de l’authenticité. Ainsi ces gemmes soulagent nos tensions au niveau de la gorge, inflammations, crispations, fièvre, blocages émotionnels de la parole, difficulté d’expression. Voici que je tousse ce qui me gêne, ma toux le manifeste… gorge, centre de pureté et de vérité !

Le bleu opaque de la turquoise représente pour les Indiens les poumons de la terre et cette pierre puissante nous invite à verbaliser nos messages dans la douceur de la tempérance avec la fermeté de la confiance en soi,

Affirmation : Avec le bleu, je suis calme et serein

Le rayon Indigo

Nous retrouvons ici une pierre sacrée : Le Lapis-lazuli dont le pouvoir curatif a tété reconnu et utilisé de tout temps. L’indigo est la couleur mystique facilitant la réalisation spirituelle grâce à la sagesse acquise de par la connaissance de soi. Les pierres précieuses telles que la sodalité, le saphir, l’azurite, le quartz bleu, l’œil de faucon, le lapis-lazuli nous guident et nous assistent dans ce voyage intérieur, là où les souvenirs de l’âme émergent de leur profond sommeil. Efficace dans le traitement des maladies mentales, ces pierres bleu nuit nous poussent à marcher sur le chemin de la Vérité, nous invitant à déchirer le voile de nos illusions en dépassant nos peurs, au-delà de nos limites mentales créées par nos croyances étriquées. Ces cristaux nous invitent à nous concentrer dans la volonté de développer notre intuition, notre clairvoyance, en ouvrant à la grande Source de l’inspiration universelle.

Affirmation : Avec l’indigo, ma perception intérieure s’affine et je distingue toute forme de vie.

Le rayon Violet

L’améthyste nous parle de transmutation agissant sur nos trois natures : physique, émotionnelle et spirituelle. Elle nous soutient dans tout processus de transformation et a la réputation d’apaiser les états d’ébriété. Ne pourrait-on pas y voir une invitation à rester enraciné tout en communiquant avec les régions mentales plus élevées, à l’écoute de notre vocation intérieure et de notre recherche profonde ? Une autre pierre, la sugilite, que l’on appelle aussi pierre du nouvel Age, vient d’être découverte. Sa riche gamme de tons va du violet profond au bleu lavande, parfois mêlé d’un peu de noir et de pourpre. Cette pierre émerge en même temps que le sida, les entrailles de la terre nous livrent en petites quantités pour l’instant. Le message de la sugilite nous parle d’acceptation de soi dans le respect de son véhicule physique et dans la lumière de l’amour inconditionnel. Il n’est pas rare que de jeunes enfants soient extrêmement attirés par cette pierre comme s’ils percevaient l’importance des lois cosmiques et des lois terrestres que nous sommes appelés à ajuster dans un changement de vision globale. La fluorine, octaèdre, soit deux pyramides soudées ensemble, suggère de par cette forme particulière l’équilibre parfait entre ce qui est en haut et ce qui est en bas. Méditer avec une fluorine violette facilite le déploiement de la conscience sur tous les niveaux

Affirmation : Avec le violet, je dépasse mon existence personnelle et je me fonds dans le Tout.

Le rayon Blanc

Le cristal de roche est l’expression la plus élevée du règne minéral ; il est avec le diamant le symbole radiant de la grande lumière blanche non divisée. Il nous parle de pureté, de clarté, d’ordre et nous renvoie de la lumière pure, claire, divine, réunissant toutes les couleurs de la Création avant qu’elles ne se séparent en divers rayons de vibrations plus denses. Le cristal, véhicule de lumière, permet à l’homme de se mirer dans son âme et il l’accompagne dans sa lutte pour parvenir à sa lumière intérieure. Le diamant, octave supérieure de la lumière cristallisée, nous rappelle que pour briller il à dû passer par le processus de multiples tailles. Ne devons-nous pas subir aussi de nombreux nettoyages afin de développer notre conscience, découvrir notre potentiel pour atteindre l’illumination, la conscience universelle ? Le cristal et le diamant d’Herkimer sont des outils de lumière dont l’énergie focalisée crée une aura de protection en harmonisant les corps subtils. Ils accompagnent fidèlement toute quête spirituelle.

Affirmation : Avec le blanc, je deviens pur, lumineux et limpide.

Le rayon Noir

Les minéraux de ce rayon sont plus difficilement acceptés, bien qu’ils fassent partie d’un maillon de notre développement. Pierre de confrontation avec l’égo telle que l’Onyx, pierre d’alignement telle que la tourmaline noire, elles portent toutes le message de l’enracinement, la connaissance du feu des entrailles de la Terre est en elles. Nous sommes aidés par le biais de leur énergie secrète et leur vibration nous transmet la constance, nous connecte à la terre nourricière afin de planter nos racines avec respect et amour.

Affirmation : Avec le noir, je découvre des racines solides et je croîs.

Comment faire chanter les bols Tibétains

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Comment faire chanter les bols Tibétains

Avant tout sachez que les bols possèdent plusieurs sons :

–         le son « cloche » qui est le son quand on frappe le bol avec un bâton

–         l’harmonique qui est le son à la base même du bol, souvent plus aigu que le son cloche, l’harmonique peut être considéré comme le chant du bol quand on applique parfaitement la méthode pour le faire chanter

Selon le bâton utilisé on obtient des sons différents, bâton de bois sans cuir, avec cuir, bâton gong

  1. Le bâton doit être placé entre le pouce, index et le majeur. Le premier doigt et le majeur doit rester parallèle en tenant le bâton. En gros tenez le bâton comme un stylo


  1. Le bol doit être tenu dans la paume.



  1. le mouvement doit être homogène avec une pression du bâton sur le bol.

Le plus important étant de faire les rotations avec votre bras et non juste avec le poignet, auquel cas la pression ne saurait être parfaitement homogène surtout avec des bols de tailles moyenne à grandes.


  1. Très important pour obtenir un son pur :

–         quand vous commencez à frotter le bâton, inclinez ce dernier pour que la surface de contact soit réduite au maximum, il faut donc frotter l’arrête du bol

–         ne pas hésiter à bien appuyer fort au départ

–         donner un coup de bâton avant de faire chanter le bol n’est pas l’idéal, car le bol vibre de trop, je vous conseil plutôt de faire atterrir le bâton sur l’arrête du bol avec force dès que vous commencez à tourner le bâton, tout dans la foulée d’un même geste, comme si on l’amorçait, çà aide considérablement.


  1. ce qu’il faut savoir :

–         pour les bols jusque 600-800grs, le bâton de bois sans cuir est mieux adapté pour faire chanter le bol, en faire ressortir une belle harmonique

–         Pour les bols supérieurs à 800grs, le bâton de bois recouvert de cuir est préféré, le bol étant assez lourd pour bien résister à la pression du grip du cuir même si bien sur il y a des bols qui nécessitent plutôt le bois.

–         Les très gros bols sont plus privilégiés pour être frappé avec bâton ou bâton gong, plutôt que leur harmonique car la différence de son entre l’harmonique et le son quand on frappe le bol, est faible

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Our store – Notre magasin

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Nouvelle arrivage – New arrivals

Lampes de sel  – Salt lamps

Lampes d’améthyste – Amethyst lamps

Lampes d’agate – Agate lamps

Quartz aqua aura – Aqua aura quartz

and much more et plus encore


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The last time I talked about four keys that allow you to change your life and your way of living, the beginning of the self love process. These four keys are also related to your core essence and have an immediate impact on your most vulnerable aspects of your emotional and mental mind. Now don’t let this scare you because this only means that you will be touching aspects of yourself that you consciously don’t remember but that you’re subconscious and supra conscious mind do. It’s a step by step every day process, not one that you can do once in a while but one that needs nurturing on a daily basis.

One of the first things you need to take in to account is that your body is not only your vehicle. It is in fact much more, for your body registers everything that you do, think, hear, see and feel from the moment of your conception till the very moment you depart from this beautiful earthly plane. Like chalk that is used to write on a black board, your body transforms your thoughts, and not only your thoughts but also everything that it hears, sees and feels into vibrations and energetically transmutes these into what I call emotional waves, in sorts these waves are all of the aspects that your body needs to fully let you understand where you are coming from and where you are going to, and by doing so it allows your inner self to communicate with your outer self.

Every emotion positive or negative can be felt in your physical body, that is of course if you are listening, mind you that if you aren’t listening the emotional waves will translated into the body in various ways and will still make their presents felt at various times through out your life and this is especially true when you are living outside of your real space.

The most interesting part about these emotional waves is that they have a direct affect on your DNA, a mutation process of sorts, what that means is that what you heard while you were in your mother’s womb was translated into a vibration and energy matter that you registered in order to attune yourself to your new family, that of course leads to the emotional waves that your body registers, now when attuning your body you are of course in a state of being that could be describe as a false sense of security, thus preventing the protective barriers necessary to protect the body in the making from outside thought which of course allows false information to stream to your DNA. Not only does this affect your physical being but it also affects your emotional and mental state of being.

Now don’t go about getting all excited that you have found the ultimate excuse to do nothing and that it certainly does not mean that you have no choice because the amazing part is not only can you do something about it, you can literally create a whole brand new you. Now then to make things quite clear every positive or negative aspect of your life is also part of the emotional waves that your body will register, I should also add that your way of thinking, and how you approach the outside world will also have a major impact on your true nature and being. These emotional waves will translate themselves in various ways, some of which will affect the physical through illness or weakening certain aspects of the physical body, they can also affect your energy field and your chakras there by creating an imbalance on the emotional, mental and physical self. And the amazing part is that no matter how hard you try to control these emotional waves from affecting you, the more they gain control over you, because controlling them is not part of the answer.

The startling fact is that they need to be nurtured and healed, for they are the knowledge base that has become unacceptable to yourself and to your inner self. The self love process is the melding of your inner and outer self thus creating a new pathway to understanding the reality of living and life. This melding process is in its self quite interesting for it is like two great generals who both have a magnificent army at their disposal and are fighting for the same territory and know deep within that if they joined forces they would be creating something really spectacular. The two generals: your inner and outer self, the territory: you’re physical, mental, emotional, ethereal and spiritual bodies, the spectacular creation: you

The self love process can only begin to unfold when you start to understand that self love has nothing to do with your ego, and quite definitely it has nothing to do with being self centered or that you won’t care about anything or anyone else but yourself. These misconceptions where created by different belief systems in order to control your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical freedom there by locking you in a non creative process and not allowing you to expand and grow into the true being that you are capable of becoming. The self love process is also redefining the true nature of LOVE; the self love process is understanding and accepting the way you are physically, mentally and emotionally there by creating a movement that allows you to go from being your own worst enemy to becoming your very best friend.

Understanding and accepting yourself for the way you are, this means that maybe for the first time you are looking at yourself without judging yourself, without criticizing everything about yourself, looking and understanding that you need to love yourself. Now this may seem a little strange at first for the truth of the matter is that you are use to responding to the movement of the outside world, that is to say that you are trying to live your life according to standards that are not your own, appearances that are in all likely hood a predefined social structure of some sort. Now don’t hit the panic button, because this does not mean that you have to live on a mountain top or become a hermit, it simply means that you are redefining your true needs and are giving more importance to your true needs than those that society tries to impose upon you and at the same time you are learning to live your life to the fullest within society, thereby creating the natural environment for your well being.

Till next we meet many Blessings.

Lucien Clausse
Lite Light
all rights reserved 2014


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we are going to continue our journey on the way to self love and living the life we choose. Before we begin, let me just say that although all of what is being said may not be new to you and its probably something that you have heard before but the reality of the matter is as long as there is no room for self love there is no room for change, for change can only be accepted when we love ourselves enough to really want to change and start living our true path. So that being said let’s get started:
Healing and nurturing our true self what a wonderful adventure, at least that’s what it should be, a remarkable journey to well being one that starts with a retrospective look at what is not working for us. Quite often there is an outward look to an inner problem; this is of course is due to the fact that our understanding comes from what we have been taught and what we have learned. This means that our experiences are tainted by some else’s understanding,
I need to make something perfectly clear, we cannot blame anyone for what’s going wrong in our lives but ourselves and I will keep repeating this till it becomes crystal clear to you, so when I mention the fact that our experiences are tainted, yes i am referring to those experiences before we are born and the belief system and the capability of teaching that our parents had or not… because when you get right down to it they thought that they were doing what’s right and best for us and the reality of the matter is the following, you cannot give something to someone that you yourself have not learned, understood or integrated into your own life so please stop with the self pity of believing that you missed out on something or that you are now miserable because of what you missed out on.
The fact of the matter is that if you are miserable, suffering or just plain fed up with life it’s only because you haven’t been listing to what’s really going on with yourself and the nature of why it’s happening has a lot to do with your own perspective of what life should be like. Because no matter what you may think, you are in fact the only one that can and should be in charge of your life. And that is an undeniable truth, that you can accept or reject but one that will always ring true to your inner self and will continue to manifest itself until you decide to do something about it.
Running away is not the solution, and you can try but you are only loosing valuable time that you could be using to be happy and satisfied. Putting it off will only set of the mechanism for health problems because sooner or later the body reacts to emotional trauma and mental neglect.
The fascinating part of that is that your body is more in tuned to you inner self that your outer self and seeks ways to invite you to a love fest between your inner self and your outer self, and if that means it needs to use illness and suffering to do that well then so be it, because you must not forget that your body is the temple that which contains the inner self and your outer self is the guardian of the temple.
So then how does one go about loving one’s self when one has been programmed to love others first and maybe love oneself afterwards, first of all one needs to understand what exactly it means to love one’s self. The first word that comes to mind is respect and again I am referring to self respect.
The first key is respect, to respect one’s self in how one looks at one’s self and how one is nurturing one’s self , for if we are degrading ourselves we are not very respectful towards ourselves, insulting our being and trash talking to it is not being respectful to ourselves, denying our existence and elevating everyone and anything to a higher standard than ourselves is not exactly respecting our self and finally not listening to ourselves and our real needs and here I am not referring to desires but only truly what our body and soul really needs.
The second key is of course acceptance, now then what has acceptance to do with self love. To begin with if one cannot accept change than one can never truly begin to understand self love, but more importantly acceptance is opening the doors to deliverance and our powers of creation, for with acceptance we can free ourselves from whatever belief system that is holding us down or keeping us from moving forward. Acceptance allows us to really look at things, situations, and people as they really are and not like we would like them to be. Acceptance is also relinquishing our fears there by being able to confront and to control them instead of them controlling us. Acceptance is also being able to let go.
The third key is letting go, and by the way letting go does not mean quitting or not doing anything, because contrary to popular believe letting go means that you have decided to understand what you are living instead of fighting what you are living and by doing so you are ready to re-evaluate your belief system and everything that is part of your belief system. The letting go process also means that you are awakening to your true self and discarding the false images of yourself.
The forth key is forgiveness, and let’s begin by making something perfectly clear forgiveness does not in any way shape or form mean that we are do not recognize or that we fail to understand what has been said or done and yet at the same time it also means that we are no longer blinded by our emotions towards life and living.
And do not confuse forgiveness to others and forgiving oneself, for they are truly two very different things. For to forgive some one else one has to have been hurt by them, this of course is assuming that some one can hurt us in various ways, but remember that to be hurt there is an emotional perspective that one needs to look at and at the same time deal with what has caused the hurt feeling and where it stems from.
Now that can be at times quite demanding, but also very necessary if one wants to free oneself from pain and suffering. So what exactly is forgiveness, forgiveness is looking in the mirror and saying to oneself, I forgive myself for not having recognized or not recognizing my true self, my true being, my inner self. I forgive myself for the emotional and or physical pain that I inflicted upon myself. Forgiveness is all about being true to yourself.
These four elemental keys are the beginning of a process that will allow you to change the way you look at yourself and how you will allow yourself to come into contact with the real you. And once you begin the process there is no more turning back, for the very simple reason that you just won’t allow yourself to go back to what was. We will continue the journey on another day till then, give yourself a very big hug, just to see what it feels like, you may like it a lot more than you think.

Lucien Clausse
Light Lite
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